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BF104: Jerry Sanford Stealth Archery

Jerry Sanford Stealth Archery

What Are Your Small Business Challenges?

Every business faces challenges. Perhaps small businesses face even more challenges just by the very fact that they are small. Small sometimes means fewer people to jump in and help with challenges. Small sometimes means a limited budget available to address challenges. Small sometimes means there just isn’t enough time to get everything done. If you are thinking about starting your own small business, that is great. However, you need to think through potential challenges and how you will handle them.

Guest’s Opening Quote:

I’m not looking to set the world on fire with the sales of my stabilizers, but if I can pay for my own habit and buy myself a new bow and some new equipment off of my stabilizer sales, that’s kind of where I’m at with it.

About My Guest:

My special guest today, Mr. Jerry Sanford is the founder of Stealth Archery, based in Lincoln Nebraska. Stealth Archery has been designing bow stabilizer products for about 10 years for bowhunters and archery target shooters. Jerry works a full-time job and manages the Stealth Archery business on the side. Jerry and I are going to talk about how he does that today.


Stealth Archery


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