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BF103: Kristen Berube – Author Confessions Of A Camo Queen

Kristen Berube author Confessions of a Camo Queen

Does Your Man’s Sense Of Interior Design Involve Dead Animals?

That is the beginning of the back cover description of the new book written by this week’s guest Kristen Berube, author of Confessions Of A Camo Queen: Living With An Outdoorsman. The description goes on to say “Welcome to the sisterhood of the Camo Queens!” Kristen shares some tips about writing a book, plus other avenues to pursue a writing career in the outdoors.

Guest’s Opening Quote:

There is like a plastic container, like a liner under there and so he didn’t think the blood would get all over his truck. So he stuck it there and of course he forgot it was there until the middle of summer when we couldn’t figure out why his truck smelled so horribly and there it was.


Confessions Of A Camo Queen on Facebook
Confessions Of A Camo Queen is available on Amazon
Far Country Press publisher of Kristen’s book
Kristen’s articles on Distinctly Montana


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