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BF102: Jacob Hofer Outdoor Writer and Social Media Advisor

Jacob Hofer Wide Open Spaces

How Important Is Social Media In The Outdoor Industry?

Perhaps you are wondering how important it is to have a website or a whether you should be active on social media. Today’s guest thinks it is pretty important and he offers his expertise to companies and brands in the outdoor industry to help them get their message out.

Guest’s Opening Quote:

Whatever your tactics are to grow, it has to become a daily thing and you basically need to integrate it into your routine. Whether it is when you wake up or before you go to bed. There’s tons of good apps and information out there and I suggest learning by trial and error.

About My Guest:

My guest today is Jacob Hofer. Jake is a 21 year old full-time college student studying law enforcement and justice administration along with a minor in marketing. Hunting has always been a true passion for him. He’s been fortunate to have a family that raised whitetail deer, which offered many opportunities to learn about whitetail deer. His interest in hunting started very early, and when he was 8 years old he harvested his first buck, an 8-pointer with his dad. Since then, he’s been trying to find ways to share information with other hunters to help increase their odds of getting more opportunities to harvest mature whitetail bucks. Jake founded, a deer scent company that provides same day of collection deer urine attractant. Jake has written 300+ articles for Wide Open Spaces, the premier online destination for all things hunting, fishing, shooting and outdoors, providing content, commerce and community to an audience of sportsmen and women who share a passion for the great outdoors. Jake has also launched Whitetails Daily in the fall of 2015 as a platform to promote some of the services he’d like to offer.


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