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BF101: Jerry Hamza Author Outdoor Chronicles – Cancer Survivor

Jerry Hamza author Outdoor Chronicles

What Does It Take To Become An Outdoor Writer?

What do you think is your most precious commodity? For today’s guest, author Jerry Hamza, his most precious commodity is time. When someone is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, it often changes their outlook on life and what is really important. In Jerry’s case it was cancer that brought things front and center for him. What will it take for you to wake up and take some positive action in your career and in your life?

Guest’s Opening Quote:

“I know the biggest thing. It is like being on a high diving board. You are sitting there and it’s the fear that paralyzes you. The biggest thing by far is to have the resolve, to have the courage… to find the courage to do it!”

About My Guest:

My special guest today, Mr. Jerry Hamza has spent decades putting himself in positions to live an outdoor life. For 30 years, he was part of the management and a good friend to legendary comedian George Carlin, during which time he traveled to every inch of North America, hunting and fishing the whole way. He has literally traveled the whole world, fly fishing and hunting on every continent except Antarctica. Jerry has recently written a book entitled “Outdoor Chronicles: True Tales Of A Lifetime Of Hunting And Fishing”. I’d like to read what Jerry Gibbs, fishing editor emeritus at Outdoor Life wrote in a book review about Jerry Hamza.

“Anybody who can catch big wilderness trout while simultaneously boogying solo to his iPod music as wolves howl, and who has gleefully done-in his smartphone using a 12-gauge deer slug like some latter-day Luddite, is my kind of guy. Hamza is the real deal, as are his stories—full of wonder, wicked good zingers, and the wisdom that if we wait, ‘someday’ will get away from us all.”

Notable comments from Jerry during the interview:

  • The most precious commodity is our time.
  • Cancer bring things front and center.
  • Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do.
  • You have to do what you like for as much of your time as you can.
  • You have control over what you do.
  • We all have a calling – some are quiet and subtle, others are loud and clear.
  • If you are miserable, you aren’t spreading good cheer to those around you.
  • You have to do your diligence. Nothing is just going to come to you. You have to research it and come up with a plan.
  • I view technology in a lot of ways as a real enemy to human souls.
  • I can’t imagine anybody whose life can’t be realigned if they sit down and inspect it.
  • When you look at the ultimate price, it really makes all the other prices affordable.

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