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BF096: Are You Getting Ready? Dr. Brooks Tiller

Brooks Tiller Orions Kin

Series: Favorite Downloads

This is the next in a series of the most downloaded podcast episodes. If you missed this one the first time around, here is your chance to hear it. Doctor, hunter, athlete, author, photographer, TV show co-host. Some people have a wide variety of interests and expertise. Dr. Brooks Tiller is working towards combining many of his interests to help other people reach their potential. The common thread that runs through much of what he does is his love of the outdoors, hunting, and his faith.

He has been successful in many of these areas by understanding the need to be ready for an opportunity when it presents itself.

Guest's Opening Quote:

"If one person came up and said, hey, you know what, I saw your show and I decided I would get into hunting instead of feeling sorry for myself and feeling down and out and taking my own life. It was all worth it to us."

About My Guest:

Dr. Brooks Tiller co-host of the Orion's Kin TV show on the Pursuit Channel is a doctor of physical therapy, he is a body movement specialist, and he is a performance coach for athletes up to and including athletes that compete at the Olympic level. He even lived in China for a while with his wife in a 300 square foot apartment, soon after they got married. He travelled to China to work with Chinese Olympic athletes who were training in a number of sports including Taekwondo, table tennis, beach volleyball, basketball, baseball, and track and field.

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