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Philip Havens Solo Show I Quit

BF105: Philip Havens – I Quit! You Can Take This Job and…

My title for the show today is ….. I quit! You can take this job and… Do you ever feel this way at work? Do you feel this way often? Perhaps it is time for a change. Perhaps you just need to take some time to evaluate what you are doing. Actually, this is exactly…

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Jerry Sanford Stealth Archery

BF104: Jerry Sanford Stealth Archery

What Are Your Small Business Challenges? Every business faces challenges. Perhaps small businesses face even more challenges just by the very fact that they are small. Small sometimes means fewer people to jump in and help with challenges. Small sometimes means a limited budget available to address challenges. Small sometimes means there just isn’t enough time…

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Kristen Berube author Confessions of a Camo Queen

BF103: Kristen Berube – Author Confessions Of A Camo Queen

Does Your Man’s Sense Of Interior Design Involve Dead Animals? That is the beginning of the back cover description of the new book written by this week’s guest Kristen Berube, author of Confessions Of A Camo Queen: Living With An Outdoorsman. The description goes on to say “Welcome to the sisterhood of the Camo Queens!”…

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